Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How to make Bootable USB for windows 7 and windows XP

Bootable USB Windows XP/ Vista/ Win 7 Maker 3 in 1 (Updated July 2011) | 9 MB
Introducing the tool for Installing Windows For Your Netbooks, Notebooks, or Desktop from USB Flash Drive.
3 Options and 3 Folders enclosed
(1 for Win 7) (1 for Vista/ XP) (1 for XP only)

Instrcution for XP users:

If Required To format with HP Formatter use USB formatter and Donot Bypass the Instruction.
Note: When Formatting Choose NTFS ( this is the Most Important!

1.Install WinSetupFromUSB_0-2-3
2.Follow the Instruction
3.Browse the Source XP cd
4.Click GO. ( note: when making bootable USB! dONT Press or check anything just GO only ) 
5.Wait until System Process Finished.

Before Installation

After Finished
1. Exit the USB.
2. Safety ReMoved!

Final Installation for Setup

!!!Installation to your Netbook/Laptop/Desktop

1. Insert to your Laptop or NetBook USB HUB!
2. In the BOOT SCREEN! bott from CD/DVD?USB. drive
3. Press Enter
the Screen will boot Dont Press anything let the program Run for Installation!!!
4. You will see that the System Prompt installing The PART - 1

Let System Continue and Donot Press Any KEY. until its. Finished!!


Instruction for winodws 7 users:

Written by: Lanarkshire IT Services

Windows 7 On A Netbook
With the release of Windows 7 in October and Netbooks being one of the most 
popular gadgets this Christmas we will show you how to install Windows 7 onto 
your netbook.
As with most netbooks there is NO DVD drive.
So customers who purchased Windows 7 in .ISO format (Microsoft Store, 
MSDN, TechNet, MAPS etc) need to find a way to install Windows 7 onto a 
netbook / laptop / PC with NO DVD drive
This easy step by step guide will show you how:
Step 1: - Tools Required 
• 4 GB+ USB flash drive
• Windows XP, Vista or 7 host OS
• Windows 7 DVD or .ISO file
• Download the Windows 7 USB DVD Tool (INCLUDED NA PO) 
• Install it
• Then open it via its icon or All Programs

Step 2: - Creation
• You will now be presented with the following screen:

• Locate the Windows 7 .ISO file on your computer using the Browse button and once done click Next
• Now chose the media type, for this example we want to chose USB 
device as shown:

• Now insert your USB drive and select it from the drop down menu as 

• Now select Begin copying
• The tool will begin copying the files to the USB drive as shown:

• Should your drive need erased please do so
• Setup will finish creating the bootable USB drive as shown:
• Close the USB DVD Tool

Step 3: - Testing
• OK now we have created the bootable USB drive we can test it BEFORE 
deploying it to our netbook
• Download MobaLiveCD (INCLUDED NA PO)
• This will allow you to test your USB drive WITHOUT actually installing 
Windows 7 as shown:

• Select Run the LiveUSB
• Then select your USB drive
• Windows 7 setup will proceed as shown:

Step 4: - Installation
• You can then take the USB to your netbook and install
• There are 2 way you can do this, either from the OS on the netbook or 
by booting from the USB
• To install from the OS already on the netbook, navigate to the root of the 
USB drive and double click setup.exe
• Or configure your netbooks BIOS to boot from USB

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